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Cement Industry

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Cement Industry

Atox Mills

Dam Ring of different thickness in fully machined condition Various Casting based items required for Roller Assembly. Clamps for wear segments and all the necessary hardware.

Ball Mills

Counter Shaft and Bearing Housings.
Tight Fitting Bolts and Special Bolts for Lining Plates.


Impeller including Wear layer as necessary and shaft Including assembly duly dynamically balanced.
Bearing Housings.


Nose Ring Sectors, Gun Metal Liners, Pad Plates and Guide Blocks. Outer Lamella, Inner Lamella.


Support Roller Assembly, Guide Roller AssemblyComplete mechanical drive with sealing arrangement,Flexible connections 360 Ø, 300 Ø, 250 Ø Pull Rod with forged ends, Connecting Rods, Crank, Bearing Housings.

Hammer Mill

Shaft with Keys, Bearing Housing, Bolts for Hammer, Breaker Plate, Outer & Intermediate Hammer Discs.

Bucket Elevators

Tail end & Drive end shaft assemblies including teeth Sprockets and Hardware, Buckets.

Stacker Reclaimer

Drive end & Tail end shaft, Sprockets, Teeth & Hardware.

Liner of Roller for Cement Mill

Tyre Clamps for Cement Mills

Bolts for Tyre Clamps